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Real Estate In The Pointes

is a full-service real estate firm with 26 full time professional Realtors. Our associates average over 25 years of experience, partially explaining how this office has achieved premier market presence in and around the Grosse Pointes.

To be specific, we consistently rank among the top 3 firms in Grosse Pointe with overall sales and market share.  Our associates are considered the most experienced and respected Realtors in the industry.
Real Estate In The Pointes is the only Grosse Pointe Real Estate firm that offers "direct agent-to-client accountability;" any and all inquiries on your home shall be directed to your agent, not the floor person, beginner, or part-timer!
In addition to our hi level of experience, another contributing factor to the success of the office is the commitment of each individual working here. Every person is dedicated not only to personal success but to the overall success of the company. This is very evident in the spirit of cooperation that permeates the office. Our partnership philosophy is unlike any other firm ensuring our clients are receiving quality service.

A few fine Pointes...

26 full time professional Realtors
Our associates average over 20 years of full time experience
Our associates consistently outsell our competition by a 3 to 1 margin
National relocation services
Worldwide referral network
Moving and storage
Insurance services
Members Realcomp multiple listing services
Members Mirealsource multiple listing services
Mortgage affiliates
Home warranty programs
Leasing services
Commercial division
Investment property
Written market opinions

Our 25 Talented Agents

Marissa Lee Cavaliere
John N Cotzias
Thomas Steen
Lynne Maxwell
Tom Griffith
Chris T Cotzias
James J DePuys
April Furicchia
Jeffrey A Stieber
Rand Sobczak
Gary and Jeannie Patrosso
Steve Aiuto
Evan Glass
Susan Hammel
Rebecca Peltz
William Mulheron
Pete Nichols
Thomas Youngblood
Elles Karges
Paul Mulier
Lewis Gazoul
Mary Aubrey Rogers
Lisa Reichert Adams
Jeanine Burmeister
Sarah Peruski

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